About – Timothy Snell

Award-winning Fashion Director and Celebrity Stylist Timothy Snell is the winning combination: Image-maker/ therapist. Working from the outside in, Snell transforms, reinvents and then, re-introduces clients to their best, most stylish self each time he works with them!

Snell, the key personal stylist for celebrities Queen Latifah, Whitney Houston, Angela Bassett, Tisha Campbell-Martin, and a number of other high-profile individuals, regularly combs the American and European fashion collections for designers to creatively execute his vision for the many tours, red carpet, commercial, PR, television, and personal appearances of his clientele.

Known for his fashionable take on the unseen and unheard intimate details that an individual’s style choices reveal, Snell’s editorial work has appeared in In Style, Glamour, Vogue, Premiere, and More. Most recently, his work graced the January 2012 cover of ESSENCE Magazine -where he has 15+ covers under his belt.

Additionally, Snell’s expertise is in constant demand by corporate megabrands such as: Cover Girl, Olay, ZALE’S, and HSN- who recently appointed Snell as brand consultant for their hugely successful Queen Latifah fashion line.

Timothy Snell, a native of Las Vegas, Nevada studied Fashion Merchandising & Design in Los Angeles where he received a number of awards and accolades for his creativity. Snell got his start and perfected his skill set working with manufacturers who specialized in designing private label for chains such as Target, Lane Bryant, and The Limited.

Later, Snell’s career took a turn when he became Fashion Director for CODE magazine -one of the industry’s most successful men’s fashion magazines snagging 7 Maggie Awards and Ad Age and Ad Week’s launch of the year awards. “During my tenure at CODE,” Snell says, “it became clear to me that clothes tell a story about a person, and that fashion provides a common meeting ground- it’s a universal language.”


35 thoughts on “About – Timothy Snell”

  1. Great blog Tim!

  2. Craig King said:


  3. I’m soooo in ♡LOVE♥ with Timothy Snell

  4. Kiss Kiss from the beach :)

  5. Hi I would love you to check my website I like why you doing thanks


  7. Is there somewhere I can email you info about my company. Line sheets etc? I think we may have some great product we can send you for your clients. We do a range of high end tunics and caftans

  8. Thanks I will email you some pics and line sheets. If you want to pull any samples or I can put together a small package let me know

  9. Janice Valerioti said:

    Does Queen Latifah or you have your own clothing line? Where can curvy women find the stylish clothes that Queen wears on her show? It feels good to find clothes that fit and flatter and be okay with your own body, it is very hard to find these things. Please let me know. Loved to see you on the show today and love love love Queen Latifah and her show!!

  10. Tim would you mind adding photos for the visually challenged curvy women? I would like to wear more color, just do not know where to begin.

  11. Thank you Tim- can you also work on designing a plus size bra for sleeping in for the bountifully blessed woman- there is a need but no one is talking about it- 100% cotton would be perfect and no underwire.

  12. My name is trollice just started watching the show but I always look to see what the queen is waring being a size 14 my self I thought it was macys manhattan seventh floor love it girl.

  13. Hi,
    I am shaped bigger up top & smaller down bottom. I have no hips. What do u suggest for me,?

  14. awesome designs that are worn by queen….i’m a leather accessory designer….i’m new to the industry, i would like to show you samples of my pieces…how would i present my work to you? any suggestions, directions, advice, etc. you can offer would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!

  15. I am a Fashion/travel director for Hot & Trendy Magazine and inspired stylist . I love to write an article about you for my magazine . can you do a brief interview as well :) what you do is amazing and you inspire me, I want to be a stylist one day.

  16. Hello, My name is Stephanie Penn. I’m the Editor of DailyVenusDiva.com, an online destination for plus size women. I would love to feature you on our website in an interview. Please email me at stephanie@dailyvenusdiva.com. Thanks!

  17. Here is an article that we recently published about your work and Queen Latifah’s style on the show. http://dailyvenusdiva.com/2013/12/02/plus-size-celebrity-style-the-many-looks-of-queen-latifah-on-her-new-talk-show/

  18. Okay, I will do!

  19. martha lee said:

    Were can you bi the dressess

  20. Lynette Barber said:

    I love it!!!

  21. Samala Smith said:

    Thank you Timothy and Queen. I was blessed to see your awesome show today given the opportunity
    to learn some very helpful and comfortable fashion tips for a
    ( Size 22 very comfortable
    “Todays Woman” like myself. (
    have loss 208 lbs. I still struggle mentally. I am ready to shop starting a new job 2014. I am ready for my new beginning…. Please share with me where I can buy most of these fabulous styles…. Please remain encouraged by Gods Loving Grace.

  22. Hay Mr.Snell, I just saw u on Queen. I loved her since the 80′s n her style as a big girl is fresh n gives me hope. I have always been a size 14/16. I remember the days when I didn’t have to even try on cloths and the plus size section was a part of the store that I didn’t even know existed. Two kids n lots of stress later Im a size 18/20 n look like Im about six months pregnant!!!#Help!!! Seeing you on the show n the different styles inspired me but I need more help.Please help! Trapped in uncomfortable style.

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