photo-19Hello, Timothy Snell here and this is  As a designer, editorial fashion director and celebrity stylist, I travel the world dressing some of the most beautiful curves in music, television and film. Working on a recent Cover Girl shoot I had time to reflect on which designers celebrate fashion for curvy women.

It’s no secret that the market is saturated with fashion not specifically targeted for women with curves. My love of fashion constantly drives me to seek out the latest, the greatest and hottest trends.  Much to my disappointment and dismay the latest trends with the exception of jewelry, shoes and cosmetics do not apply to women with curves. Granted, “women come in all shapes and sizes”. There are some fashion designers who cater to the curvy woman, “BRAVO to them”.  If not for them, the curvy woman would be wearing a feed sack.

Shopping many years for clients slender and curvy, I’ve noticed particularly the curvy market is somewhat dismal. I have never focused on what they call the “plus-size” department in any store, I instinctively branch-out for curvy style. In my work, I am constantly discovering items in fashion magazines, runway looks and trend reports that should be more readily available and accessible for curvy women.

My philosophy is that all types of women have curves, some more than others. In the past the word “plus-size” has been a negative, embrace what you have, how to dress it well and wear it well.

More designers should be willing to think outside the box. Well-dressed curves demand and entice attention. Which leads me to the question…HOW DO WE DISCOVER THE NEW BODYGUARDS OF CURVY FASHION?

Modern shapes, Modern viewpoint, Modern wear-ability –