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th-22Preparing for Halloween on the Queen Latifah show, the producers wanted to portray her as a Queen. They suggested many different Queens, but she chose to be Nefertiti, one of the most powerful reigning over one of the richest dynasties.

I wanted her to look elegant and regal, but I also like that the crown was reminiscent of what she used to wear in the 80’s during the “Don’t Let Me Wait”, “Come Into My House” era.

I shopped for fabrics that would be rich, gold, burgundy, elegant and draped because I knew she’ be carried out. More importantly I wanted her to be comfortable, so I had it constructed to fit her body.

I researched, sketched and shopped it out at Mood Fabrics (www.moodfabrics.com) and together with my costumer we made it happen.

QL Halloween

Costume Design by Timothy Snell

Makeup by Sam Fine