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Preparing for this season’s Halloween episode was a labor of love for me. I was very excited that Queen Latifah wanted to be Disney’s “Maleficent” for the show. I loved the movie and it was a pleasure to dive into such an extraordinary and unique costume.


The Mother Plucker Feather Company painstakingly constructed the wings based on my design. The finished wings spanned approximately 6ft high by 8ft wide. It took several days and the finished product was so massive it had to be delivered directly to the stage.

635503377615840108-Halloween-Queen-LatifahI designed the gown to compliment the wings with a combination of leather, silk, exotic feathers and the sculpted headdress. It took my three assistants and myself to secure the wings onto her.

Every bit of effort was worth it to see how much she enjoyed herself in the costume.