The buzz around the 2019 VMAs was huge, with surprises, tributes and a brand-new locale. Queen Latifah was asked to perform in a Hip Hop tribute to Jersey and reunite with her co-star from Hairspray, John Travolta as a presenter.

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When Latifah and I began to collaborate on her look, her vision was a sun-kissed and fresh vibe to end the summer. I was inspired by Sergio Hudson’s 2019 Fall/Winter collection and chose his vibrant bold pantsuit.




Sergio Hudson – 2019 Fall/Winter Collection

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Sergio and I collaborated, customizing the look just for Latifah and as usual, she served it up, slaying the red carpet – Orange!

To purchase a Sergio Hudson piece go to sergiohudson.com/buy


Check out Queen Latifah’s Red Carpet shout out at the link below!



Timothy Snell styled by Timothy Snell!