Ask Timothy!

Timothy at QL computerAsk Timothy is my chance to connect with my fans and speak directly to you about all your curvy style questions.


15 thoughts on “Ask Timothy!”

  1. ashley brooks said:

    hi Timothy I saw you on the Queen Latifah show and I’m wondering where I can purchase one of these things I recently had a son 15 months ago and I’ve lost 14 pounds and now I’m just wanting to slim myself out what can I do to get one

  2. Hi Timothy,

    I’m Lauren Chan, a New York based contributor to Vogue Italy. I was hoping to chat with you about an interview for I am interested in crafting a piece on stylists opinions and tips for dressing women above a size 4. Since your work with curves is amazing, I would love to include you in this!

    I’m sure you’re a very busy man, so I will keep this note short and sweet. Please let me know via e-mail if you are interested in being part of this piece. I look forward to hearing from you!

    X Lauren

    • Hi Lauren,
      What a wonderful surprise and very exciting. As a former editor, I have always been so pleased with how Italian Vogue has featured beautiful curvy women. It would be my pleasure and honor to be featured in your publication.

  3. Sahna Aubert said:

    Hello Tim, I loved the out fit you had Queen in today 3/5/2014. I would like to konw where I could get a dress or set like that?

  4. I was just looking at her photos. You do an OUTSTANDING job of styling her!!! I havent seen not one outfit that wasnt flattering!

  5. Please dear sweet dimpled baby Jesus! Tell me where I can get the black and white striped dress Latifah wore during show on Tuesday, February 25th?! I probably cant afford it but I can dream can’t I?

  6. Where can I purchase the black/white set that Queen wore on February 3rd.

  7. I live in Prince George BC. Canada. Where and how may I purchase one.

  8. Saw you on Queen Latifah on 2/5/14. I feel in love with a couple of the makeover dresses and a top. Would you please pass along where the items can be purchased? (Especially the Black/white sweater and the black dress with the white stripe along the hemline!)

    • Hello Jamie, The long red dress was by Rachel Pally, the black and white dress by Ralph Lauren, the Black and white top and jeans at Macy”s.

  9. Hello Tim. I am such a big fan of yours,i love the outfits and accessories you put together for The Lovely Queen Latifah.I was wondering I am a plus size woman but im kind of shy about my looks meaning smile and body size. What garments would you suggest for me I wear a size 22 in jeans .I rarely wear dresses.

    • Alicia, size 2 or 22 what better way for a woman to feel sexy than in a dress. for example a long Maxi is one of my go to favorites for QL. Also a fit a flair dress, and also a a long Maxi skirt or a high low long skirt.

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