BTS - Prepping For The QL ShowHello, Timothy Snell here and this is Moderncurves.com.  As a designer, editorial fashion director and celebrity stylist, I travel the world dressing some of the most beautiful curves in music, television and film. Working on a recent Cover Girl shoot I had time to reflect on which designers celebrate fashion for curvy women.

It’s no secret that the market is saturated with fashion not specifically targeted for women with curves. My love of fashion constantly drives me to seek out the latest, the greatest and hottest trends.  Much to my disappointment and dismay the latest trends with the exception of jewelry, shoes and cosmetics do not apply to women with curves. Granted, “women come in all shapes and sizes”. There are some fashion designers who cater to the curvy woman, “BRAVO to them”.  If not for them, the curvy woman would be wearing a feed sack.

Shopping many years for clients slender and curvy, I’ve noticed particularly the curvy market is somewhat dismal. I have never focused on what they call the “plus-size” department in any store, I instinctively branch-out for curvy style. In my work, I am constantly discovering items in fashion magazines, runway looks and trend reports that should be more readily available and accessible for curvy women.

My philosophy is that all types of women have curves, some more than others. In the past the word “plus-size” has been a negative, embrace what you have, how to dress it well and wear it well.photo-19

More designers should be willing to think outside the box. Well-dressed curves demand and entice attention. Which leads me to the question…HOW DO WE DISCOVER THE NEW BODYGUARDS OF CURVY FASHION?


Modern shapes, Modern viewpoint, Modern wear-ability – Moderncurves.com.

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  1. Thank you for anwering my question about the black and white long skirt and blouse worn on 2/3. Will your line be out before April? I would like to wear it to a wedding. I am a size 2x. Your designs are amazing!!! We need a designer like you!!

  2. The black and white two piece she wore 2/3, where can i buy it for my wife? Thank you

    • Art, Go to qlshow.com each day we list the fashion credits so that you can purchase the items. That particular look is from my forth coming collection

  3. Can you tell me where to buy the black and white long skirt and blouse that QL wore on Feb. 3rd show? I love it!!

  4. daphne montes said:

    I need to know were i can buy your stuff

  5. hello, I’ve been on disability now for 4yrs. I need a make over from head to toe. My sister passed and I just can’t get myself together. My weight is up, hair gray. I’m also divorce. I need me back.

    • Hello DD Im so very sorry to hear about your troubles. I am going to see what I can do to help you get the lady back. What can I do for you? love to see a picture? got to Qlshow.com

  6. Mr. Tim where can I purchase the Body Shaped that was on the show this Wednesday.

  7. Charlotte Moses said:

    How does a woman go to the bathroom wearing a body shaper?

  8. Timothy had a shaper that also worked on cellulite! What is it ? Thanks

  9. I just saw u on oueenLatifah, that was great what u did with those young ladies!

  10. I am looking for the shirt worn by Queen L on today’s show…grey snakeskin sequence top? Thanks!

  11. We’re do I purchase you’re clothing?

    • I purchase clothing from Neiman Marcus, Laeyette148, Donna Karan, St John, Eileen Fisher, and my Designs. Thank you for asking

    • Liz Tully said:

      Hi there, do you have any outlet clothing stores in New Zealand? I live in Auckland on the the north shore, I really love your clothing designs.

  12. Jeralyn Wirtz said:

    This is an amazing blog I will be checking this out often

  13. Have no style looking for style said:

    Hello… I saw and heard you on Queen Latifah’s show aired 11/15/13. I love you style! I don’t have style and I’m overweight and lock knee. What type of style should I go for? Also, I have big calves for tall boots that fit are hard to find. Hoping for your help. Thanks!

  14. Do you have any recommendations for curvy TALL girls? All of the clothes I find are short and boxy. I am 5’11 and a size 16 35 inseam! Nearly impossible to find clothes with any length (arms and legs) Also, while I am at it, let’s talk about a size 11 shoe. Where can I get cute, stylish comfortable shoes? I would embrace my size if I could just get things that fit.

  15. Just watched you on the Queens show, love the looks and they work for all sizes, thank you. How do I get my hands on those clothes, I live in New Zealand?

  16. lorraine Singleton said:

    Your styles are beautiful, being a plus size women who can’t find anything worth buying in the stores. If you find something thee fabrics cheap or over priced

  17. Would like to send you a couple of items for your clients and the queen latifah show please email me and check out the website let me know items you like. Or she would like .
    Thanks you

  18. Helen Wood said:

    Sitting here this late Christmas evening feeling like I have lost my swag. I enjoyed watching you on the Queen L. My problem is finding a good support and sexy bra.


    My boulders need holders.

  19. Ronda E. Reid said:

    About time!

  20. I’ve found that Donna Karan and Michael Kors usually have clothes that fit me well, which I’m sure you already know, I would just like for you to share this with your thicker curvy women like myself. I saw your segment on Queen Latifah’s show on Christmas Eve and I think this is an awesome pursuit and thank you for bringing it to the fore front.

  21. alice carey said:

    I watch you on queen latifah show really like your clothes where can i go to buy something i am tall and big bone

  22. Tracey Cosme said:

    Hi Timothy…..love ur style. The women u work with r truly blessed…..u keep Queen Latifah looking fabulous. Why not design a line yourself for us curvy girls? Based on what I’ve seen, I’d be a loyal satisfied customer. Keep up the good work and thanks.

  23. About time someone is interested in dressing curvy women like me. I’m excited and looking forward to modern fashion for me! “Plus Size” is so bla. How about replacing it with a more modern term?

  24. Tim- you are amazing. I love your eye for fashion and understanding all shapes want to be in style. I look forward to your clothing line and keep bringing the beautiful styles to the show.

  25. Debra Patterson said:

    Where can I find these clothes ? I seem you on Queen Latigah Show.

  26. Swaybee Thompson said:

    Love your style.

  27. I’ve always said, I wish I could have Queen Latifa’s hand me downs. I love her clothes and always notice her style! Where can I get them??!

  28. Thank you fir paying attention

  29. Khadijah Robinson said:

    Thank you
    I’m inspired keep doing what you do.


  30. Just saw you on Queen Latifah’s show. Love your eye for style and fashion. I’m somewhere in between Queen’s size and the slightly almost thing girl size lol. Looking forward to digging around on your site and learning more from you. I love beauty and natural hair but have never put much into fashion and dressing for more than “the girl next door” look


  32. Cynthia Logan said:

    I enjoyed seeing you on Queen’s talk show. Please send me a magazine. Merry Xmas!

  33. Just saw you on Queen Latifah love the styles.

  34. Just watched Queen Latifah show you were on and I loved the first two coats that were modeled. Any info on where to purchase?

  35. karletta mood said:

    I just saw you on the queen latifah show and you were displaying several different fashion ideas. Are you planning on doing a breakdown of where you can get the different elements an accessories from? Also where can i get that black an gray dress q.l. was wearing? It’s an encore presentation that’s airing now. It had taye diggs on it.

  36. I am 70 my problem is finding fashion that doesn’t look OLDLER than OLD or like my granddaughters. Women of color are having a hard time trying to be fashionable without looking foolish .

  37. Where do you order your merchandise?

  38. Love the site!

  39. Smart work.

  40. jeanne' johnson said:

    I just saw your segment on Q. Latifah. Keep up the great work!

  41. Shinikia Hinton said:

    Love the look!

  42. Tim, i love your styles, do you have an instagram account I can follow? Mine is….1jasmineh on instagram. I would LOVE to follow you.

  43. Alicia Auston said:

    My name is Alicia I love to watch the queen she be beautiful every day I loved that cream coat that model had on with the turtle neck where can I find that please let me know God bless you and your family

  44. I loved the outfits you put together today on Queens show. Where can I find the clothes and jewelry that were shown? Sooo Fabulous.

  45. Tim,
    I am finally watching the tapes of the show and I love the looks you presented. Where can I find them for the budget challenged? Thanks for what you do for Curvy women every where

  46. Leslie White Siek said:

    God bless you Timothy Snell for loving curvy women and helping to reshape the consciousness of America to also love curvy women! Thank you for helping us all to dress for success appropriately and with true style and comfort!! Merry Christmas!

  47. I just saw you on the Queen Latifa show and I wish I could dress like those women

  48. Michele M Yancey said:

    I just saw you on the Queen Latifah show. I loved it.

  49. Mr. Snell,
    You are really not playing fair! I too want to know where to find that gorgeous blouse Queen Latifah wore on the show with Alyssa Milano. YOUR DESIGN IS OUTSTANDING!! That design is truly an original and she looked fabulous in it!!! Is there any blouses remotely close to that design? That blouse fell beautifully on her curves—Queen you worked that outfit girl! Keep un Tp the great designs Tim!!

  50. You need to be our resource to bring it all together

  51. La Torcha Jackson said:

    I seen a shirt that I absolutely loved on the queen latifah show today. December 11, 2013 I would like to know Where I can purchase a similar if not the same shirt?

  52. LaQuanta Lett said:

    I love the shirt that Queen Latifah has on today. Where can we buy your items because it is beautiful!!! Please please let us know I need this for the holiday.

  53. Interested in blouse Queen Latifah wore on Wednesday show with alyssa milano..

  54. Keturah Bryant said:

    I have never seen my mother look so happy when talking about clothes and dresses. She’s gained weight and though she’s always been a woman of curves she’s gained more than she likes and has gone to what I call the “hide me” looks. Growing up this was my Diva (still is) big or small she WORE her clothes lol. You are truly talented and I thank you for showing her she can totally be who she has been her whole life. She watches Queen Latifahs show (never misses) and absolutely loves EVERYTHING she wears. I was hoping you can help me. My mother truly loves the print Maxi dress Queen wore on December 9th, 2013. On the website it says the dress is part of your collection. I would love to surprise my mom for the holidays. Where can I find that dress or even something similar??? PLEASE PLEASE help me I’ve looked everywhere :-). Keep up the good work. God bless

  55. Pleeeeeeeeeaae tell me you have a store or your designs are sold somewhere!!!!!!!

  56. Where do I purchase the dress worn by
    Queen Latifah on Monday, Decemer 9, 2013?

  57. Linda Jackson said:

    I am a tall 5’9″ CURVY GIRL. I love the LONG, UNIQUE MAXI DRESSES Queen Latifah wears. How can I order similar dresses in size 18w or 1x???

  58. Lynette Walker said:

    Hi Timothy,
    I want to thank you for being a designer that covets fashion for woman with curves. I love the looks you create for Queen on her show. You really make me feel like fashion is inclusive for woman with curves like me.

  59. Where can I get the maxi dress Queen is wearing today? (12-9-13)

  60. PLEASE, PLEASE tell me where I can buy that Hunter Green Chiffon Blouse that Queen Latifah wore on her Dec. 4th show. That was absolutely gorgeous!! I’m a mom who desperately needs that top so I can get my sexy back for my husband for the holidays. I need to purchase that top ASAP. Timothy Snell can morph any woman into fabulousness. Please tell me where I can order this. Thank you!

  61. audrey washington said:

    I would like to purchase the shirt queen latifah had on on the Idris Elba show do you have a website for purchase.

  62. I want the Latifah shirt from today 12/4/2013!! Whereeeeeeeee??

  63. Sheila Gaines said:

    Saw you on the Queen show. Love the styles. I’m a size 22-24 and can’t wait to embrace your ideas.

  64. Hello Tim. I am a busy hardworking mother, so I have to DVR Queens show. I saw your segment where you dressed a size 2 and a 18 – 22 curvy model. Thanks for the tips and fashion inspiration. Keep up the great work. I have bookmarked your page.

    Mrs. Orr

  65. Suzie mamane said:

    I love you.. I love the way u style Queen..
    I want to shop and know more about you and ur styles.. God bless Tim you rock baby..

  66. Sheila Walters said:

    Where can you find the outfits that Queen Latifah wears on her show do you have a website

  67. Amy L. Shelton said:

    What a wonderful website! Thank you Timothy !

  68. Hi Tim, we love watching you on Queen Latifah’s show! You really make the queen fabulous! I wonder though, where do you find her shoes? I’d love to send you some shoes from Barefoot Tess.com If you find anything you think she would be interested in please give me a shout and I’ll send them right over. Glad to see there are still great stylists left!!!

  69. Cynthia Carr said:

    Hi Timothy!
    I really enjoyed you with the Queen!
    The white outfit and orange coat outfit was gorgeous and I could see myself in it!

  70. Hi Timothy, My entire wardrobe consists of BLACK! You gave me a fab idea! I going to incorporated a bright blazer or sweater with my Black’s! Time to put my fears behind me!

  71. Lesa Victoria U. said:

    Hello, my name is Lesa. I’m 49 yrs old. 5 ft tall & wear a size 22. No high heels plz. Can’t find cloths that fit cause I’m too short. Ive had same cloths for 10yrs at least. So not much of a wardrobe. Last time I went shopping for clothes, I did find things that would fit but was so very long I looked like a fat kid playing dress up. Even if I do find a petite size 22 it’s smaller than a woman’s 22. How much I wish that being a size 22 woman’s would mean that I would be a skinner 22 just cause I’m patite or better word SHORT. being short and fat isn’t patite. You won’t find no model that’s 5ft wearing a 22 no matter how beautiful she is on the inside or out. Due to my health problems, depression,self esteem, ect I havnt left the house in over 10 yrs except for going 2 the doctors. This is no poor me story. This is my life. I know 1 can start healing in some way by just start looking better from head 2 toe & the rest can follow. I feel dead & empty. I think a great image that reflects the outside into the inside can better a persons health in some way. I’m BEGGING 4 UR help. I don’t know where or how to start. Times R 2 hard So is life but it goes on!

  72. Karisha Marshall said:

    Hello Tim! I was just catching up on my recordings & was in love w/ all of the outfits you showed, they all looked great. I’m a ” size sexy” girl myself & always looking for outfits that are flattering & interchangeable ( bcuz “our” clothes are not all that cheap) but now it seems like a lot of the clothing stores that carry clothes for me but have shirts & jeans that have rhinestones even on the
    jean pocket & I’m so not a fan. What is a girl to do?

  73. Michelle Bravo said:

    Hi Tim,
    I totally love way you dress Queen Latifa. The outfits you put her in are absolutely beautiful. I am a plus size woman who has had 9 surgeries in the last 2 years and the lap-band being my last surgery for now and I’m not feeling very beautiful so I thought if I could purchase the beautiful clothes Queen Latifa wears maybe just maybe I can feel beautiful. You are truly amazing. You are probably going to tell me you design most of her clothes as well. (hahaha). That’s just my luck. 😊 I think you are awesome. I will definitely continue to follow you. Thank you for making us plus size women feel just as amazing as the size 2 women

  74. Geanean Mckenzie said:

    Where can I get the clothes u style queen latifah at for a reasonable price

  75. anaacosta1961 said:

    I love Queen’s clothes and was ecstatic to see you on her show today. I share the same body type as Queen. I’m 5’10 and size 18/20. Can’t wait to try these fashions!

  76. kelli helms said:

    You are amazing…what an eye for how to dress us curvy girls. I just looked into my closet and found…the black hole….seriously I have bought into the myth that if you wear black you look small. How do I break into a more colorful me with peices I would be darling enough to wear outside the house!

  77. Tim Snell, you are amazing. I watch The Queen Latifah Show everyday and celebrate the evolution of each show. I laugh out loud, as if I were onset, dance to the live music sessions, and stand in awe of how well the whole production looks onscreen. What’s more, QL appears polished and comfortable. Kudos! Your talent shines through effortlessly, because she comes across completely authentic in her dress, swag and body language. Wow, a worthy presentation of well-heeled “edutainment”, finally. Thank you, Tim Snell! Blessings!!!!!!

  78. Just saw Mr. Snell on Queen Latifah Show and this man styling tips are phenomenal !!!!!

  79. Emma Fernandes said:

    I was so thrilled to see you on the Queen Latifah Show . The full figure runway models were so encouraging.

  80. Love the style

  81. M Hargrove said:

    Hello Tim DVR’d the show, happy to see your blog. I was just wondering if Queen still has her line. I have a few pieces. I look forward to what both of you may bring.

  82. Hi Tim! You are doing an absolutely fantastic job on the QL Show. Queen Latifah looks fabulous every single day. That is one of the first things people mention when she comes on. Thank you for taking the time to focus appealing designs for curvy women. You do it well sir. Congrats to you!

  83. gloria webb said:

    I saw queen lattifah show I really like your fashion it has been some ideas about fashion

  84. I love how you think… I saw you on Queen’s show today,,,and your looks were fabulous and classy..I loved them,,,,please give us more!

  85. It tis wonderful!

  86. Lorina Padgett said:

    Thanks for the styles show on the Queen Latifah Show. Curvier girls can be fierce too.

  87. keene` wright said:

    S8 was seriously inlove with Queen’s camo maxi dress jist where can I found this dress

  88. Chanotta Oliver said:

    It’s obvious that loving the Queen, the set and the show’s vibe are reasons to tune in everyday. However, I admit that racing to the DVR to catch watch Queen Latifah is wearing has become a priority. After 39 years of loving Louisiana’s cuisine (yes, I have many great curves lol), I loathe shopping; but, your looks have been motivating. Keep the curvy fashion coming!

  89. Barbara Rather said:

    I saw u on The Queen Latifah Show, I have gained weight and I have not been happy with myself. It has been for me to put things together. When I saw what you did then I knew I could do this too.

  90. Chanotta Oliver said:

    Other than loving the “Queen”, the set and the show’s vibe, I admit that racing to the DVR to see what Queen Latifah is wearing has become priority. After 39 years of loving Louisiana cuisine (yes, I have a lot of great curves lol), I loathe shopping. However, the looks that you create provide motivation. Keep the fashion coming!

  91. Rhonda griffin said:

    I’m having a hard time looking dresses and skirts for my 11 yr old daughter. She is a size 4 to 6 misses. She can’t wear a size 16?youth anymore. Everything looks so grown up on her. What do I do? Where do I go? The junior sizes dresses and skirts are way to short. I’m looking for Aline dresses/ skirts lil pass the knees

  92. What happened to the “Queen’s” clothing Line at HSN?

  93. Great segment on QL. You nailed it. Where can I find the black cape? I also loved the Grey dress with leggings. I think that was Wednesday. Then Thursday the sweater she wore during the performance. OMG you really know us curvy girls. You are killing it. I need you in my life here in hrt hometown East Orange…..

  94. Jacquie Graham said:

    Love how you dress The Queen… Can’t wait to see and learn more at an affordable price.

  95. Truly love your work ! Trying to make contact,Please reach out to me with information .

  96. Where can I shop for clothes that cover my big stomach…that won’t break my bank.

  97. Hi my name is Shalina,
    I just watched your segment on the QL Show and I just wanted to let you know I loved every look you put together! If there was ever a day I could afford a stylist you would be my first pic! I’ve come across a few stylist but you are the first who’s work made me feel likes would wear everything you put together! If you ever need a model for an occasion I would gladly do it just for the opportunity to meet!
    God Bless!

  98. Abundant Blessings……

  99. Lucy Nazario said:

    I saw the clothes that girl model. I love them were can I find those outfits my size 22

  100. Hi Tim love your designs! I am 5’8″ tall and I love a more wide leg jean and dress pants, as they are more comfortable. Are they still in fashion? I would appreciate your opinion. I am going to a Christmas party and I want to wear dress pants and a black top with glitter and a jacket with glitter. Do you think it’s to much black if so. How can I dress it up or down. Thank you! 🙂

  101. Cassandra Wilkins said:

    I’m so glad I decided to watch my tv shows of the week. Especially the Queen Show and your segment. Thanks for sharing your blog. I love how Queen dresses. I’d love to be able to wear her style of clothes. I so agree that you can wear, it’s how you wear it. I just need an affordable style. I’m a teacher who really can’t afford Nieman, but would love to wear the maxi dress like she wore. I think of Maxi dresses for summer, but she proved me wrong today. THANKS! Cassandra

  102. Anita Smith said:

    Love the clothes that you showed on the Queen Latifah show. Can you send me your magazine? I would love to see if I can afford to buy your clothes.

  103. Werk! I am super excited that someone has finally come along and represented for curvy women! I am full and fabulous and have to sometimes go through extremes just to find clothes that match my style and personality. Looking forward to reading your blog regularly.

  104. Felicia Shepherd said:

    Will be depending on your expertise of fashion for my curvy customers here in Shreveport La…Loved the ideas you gave me for my personal selections of style on Queen Latifah show..God bless

  105. You are awesome, and I love your energy!!!!! I am full figure and I will definitely wear color for Thanksgiving, I’m stepping out there. I seen this pretty sweater dress in gray what color tights would you suggest to wear with it? Or should I look for a colorful sweater dress. Should I wear tights or panty hose? Hope to see you again on the show, Queen always look beautiful.

    • Hi, I love a sweater dress, why not accessorize with a grey tight and add a hand bag for or wrap/jacket for a punch of color. If you want color on the legs go with burgundy.

    • Thanks for your quick response. I’m feeling the burgundy with the grey…thanks so much. I wear it with the burgundy tights and maybe a wrap.

  106. I saw you in Queen Latifah in 11/15 and loved the clothes but I’m only 4’11 and short waisted between breast and hips. Would live to dress with new styles can you recommend how. I weight approx 150 and have kangaroo pouch I can’t get rid of. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

    • Thanks for watching my segment. Try dressing in the same color head to toe, this is called monochromatic wearing the same color will make allow you look taller and seamless, Also A line tunic tops high heel that feels comfortable and long necklaces will create a slimmer look

  107. Don’t know if you’ve tried igigi.com for plus size clothes but I have found that the clothes actually fit my extra plus sized self!

  108. Barbara Noel said:

    Hello Tim, I saw you on the Queen Latifah show, and I would like to try you fashions, where and how can the regular retired older woman can get these fashions? I loved what I saw, and I hope you can really help!!

  109. I love how fantastic Queen Latifah looks and the outfits you put together. I am short, small busted and need to buy larger sizes because my upper arms are so huge. Clothes end up just hanging on me. What would you suggest? Thanks for your help! It is so wonderful to finally have someone who understands a curvy body!

    • Invest in a Tailor, this person could be you local cleaners. I always buy for the biggest part of my client body, then we tailor the rest to fit . This way you look even more pulled together. Happy shopping

    • Thank you for answering my question so quickly! I am looking forward to your clothing line! I am going to be selfish and pray that you have tremendous success so I can buy clothes that show my beauty! Stay happy and healthy!

  110. I need help I love the way you dress the queen on her show where can I find the stores please help thanx

    • I Shop everywhere ! It’s sometimes a challenge because designers are not as fashion savvy as I would love them to be re: curves. I design a lot of her things, but try big dept store and online shopping has more size options

  111. I saw your segment on the Queen Latifah show and I love it. I loved the colors the models were wearing and the Queen always looks amazing. Thanks for the tips and please keep them coming!!

  112. Felicia Scott said:

    I have a hard time finding dresses that fit and are appealing. Im 5’11” and weigh 280 with a stomach. What do you suggest would be a good look. I love color.

    • Im so glad you love color try to dressing monochromatic this fall. This means the same color head to toe, this will make you appear taller and def very sophisticated. Navy, Grey Red, Winter Whites etc.

  113. Love outfits on Queen Latifa’s Show..

  114. Frances Somerville-Settles said:

    where can you purchase your line of clothing

  115. Queen Latifah a beautiful woman, but the way you style her is phenomenal ! She looks absolutely gorgeous ! Every show I wondered who her stylist is. YOU are so gifted. Love your style sense.

  116. Cassandra Credle said:

    Thank you much for showing me your secret today on the Queen Laifah show! She looks beautiful all the time.

  117. Anika Natson said:

    I just saw your segment on the Queen LaTifa show, and as a tall (6’2″) African American woman, I would like to thank you and Queen LaTifah for bringing cool, modern,urban yet sofisticated fashion to women who are still young yet mature. The fashion and accessory line is awesome and funky!
    Please don’t stop! When I think of what to wear as a 41 year old professional woman, I now have options to wear in the office and to happy hour without too much fuss not to mention how comfortable the items are. I absolutely love Queen LaTifah’s maxi dress and would totally rock that look ANYWHERE!
    THANK YOU for all you have done and continue to do and GOD BLESS you and Queen LaTifah!

    A faithful fan,
    Anika K. Natson

  118. Shawmeaka Rankin said:

    Just watched the queen latifah show and you were a guess on her show. I love the clothes she wear and I actually get excited to see what she is wearing. You do such a great job. Thanks for you blogs and fashion tips

  119. Loved what you offered today on the Q L show. U did your thing!
    Can’t wait to see more and see more tips. Shoes/ heels. Keep your feet from hurting in heels. Good body shapers & other undergarments or as my grandmother use to say foundation. If you ever have regular women on the show to model. I’m what your looking for. Lastly, will the queen please share her hair color. I LOVE IT AND I THINK I CAN ROCK THAT COLOR.

  120. I’ve never followed a blog before but I’m excited because I want to learn how to dress my curves to their best. Where did Queen get the maxi camo dress she had on Friday Nov. 16

  121. Dena Allen said:

    I look forward to more of the same from this blog!

  122. Elaine Scotton said:

    I can not count how many of those awesome outfits I truly loved on the Queen Latifah show today. It is soooo refreshing when curvy women can wear REAL trends that don’t make you look ‘extra’ on those curves. Do you or will you have a FB page?

  123. Unity Love said:

    I loved the show…What style is best for Women with big tops and small bottoms?

  124. Great segment today! I love those looks. I’m a busy mom of a 4 yr old and run two businesses. I know I am still fabulous but I really need to get my look more put together but shopping in the right places is hard. How can I get you to style me? 😉 Keep up the great work…I’m serious though, please style me!!! 🙂

  125. Diana Collins said:

    I saw your fashions on the Queen Latifah Show and I wiuld just like to say bravo to you. Your fashions are not only gorgeous, they are exactly my style. I am a size 10-12 and very curvy. It is really difficult to find what I like in my size and it is flattering on my body. Because of my inheritance (backside), shipping is all the more difficult because my bottom half is bigger and most dresses don’t compensate for the 2 different sizes. If it fits my bottom, it’s too big on top. All that said, where can I purchase your clothing? I’m located in the Los Angeles area.

    Thanks again for bridging the gap!


  126. Denise Horton said:

    Hello Mr. Snell,
    I am interested in getting more information on where I can purchase some of your clothing. Thank you for your time.

    Best regards,
    Denise Horton

  127. Danielle Lakey said:

    I love the styles and items that were on the Queen Latifah show today 11/15/13. You are a true stylist, where can I can items like that? I’ve seen her clothing line on QVC or HSN are those some of her products, because the jackets are a must have! Thanks so much and keep styling because you are a true DIVA at what you do! Love it..

  128. I saw Queens show and you are “Off The Chain” wonderful… I truly loved the White outfits… Beautiful… Where can I find outfits like you put together for the Queen?… But I need you to remember, a sistah don’t have Queens monies…. LoL….

  129. Kim McCall said:

    I am 5’5″ can not wear the beautiful heels on the market today. i have large middle area which is hard to cover and still be flattering. what styles flatter this body type that dont cost a fortune? the more fabric the higher the price.

  130. Sonya Jones said:

    Tim your segment on the Queen Latifah Show was very informative and got me excited about actually shopping again. Being a size 18 is some times challenging in shopping. But know I think I will try is this weekend with new insite.

  131. Saw your interview on Queen Latifah! Loved the clothes! Need help! Thanks it is nice to know someone cares about us!!!

  132. Mrs. Tillman said:

    I would like to know where you got the red strappy shoes?

  133. Synfullydelicious said:

    What can I wear that will suck my stomach in but won’t pass out…lol

  134. Grace Geger said:

    Where can I purchase the white pants that the larger size model wore on the Queen Latifa Show?

  135. Queen Latifah wore a blue shoe her premiere week I was wondering id u could tell me where I can find them.

  136. Loved your segment today on the Queen Latifah show – would love to find some of the maxi dresses like what the Queen was wearing today but in a more affordable price range. Looking forward to hearing back from you 🙂

  137. Kitty Thomas said:

    There’s never any advice on how to dress for women with larger breast & flat butts can u advise. I wear an extra large-2x tops & size 10-12 bottoms. I can never buy suits unless they’re separates & my jeans have to have pockets or embellishments on the rear am I going this right, please help

  138. Hi Tim, you are great!!! Queen always looks fab! I too saw the show today with the beautiful models. I especially liked the first ensemble (winter white) where can I find it (full-figure)? I am hosting a holiday party and I that would be perfect. Please let me know and keep affirming to all us “curvy girls” that we do matter!!!-Thanks Jeanine

  139. I am the designer and owner of my own plus sexy brand and label, Qristyl Frazier Designs, I have coined the phrase as Plus sexy and it is trademarked, I too have never liked the word Plus size… I would like to say I enjoyed all the looks you showcased today for Modern Curves very much and I enjoy your blog. I also have created looks for The Queen Latifah show when she had her first talk show in New York. Please visit and shop my website if you or the Queen need any “plus sexy” clothes. We ship our curvy girls Nationally and Internationally. I have also been on The Project Runway, Joe Zee’s All on TheLine and I am the first independent designer to be in Lane Bryant Spring 2012 at my level and with my labels name Qristyl Frazier in LB stores.

  140. PLEASE HELP ME..I can’t wear heels any more and wear t shirts n leggings or sweats…..how do I find my body type…..I’m over weight and am scared to dress…..can you give me pointers……PLEASE

  141. Saw you on the queen today love those of fits

    Girls need you keep up the good work

  142. Bernadine M. Barlow said:

    I absolutely LOVE the fashions you pick out for Queen Latifah. She is a gorgeous young lady and she wears EVERYTHING so well from head to toe. Thanks for sharing your style with the rest of us!!!

  143. Lodia crosby said:

    Please send info on buying this clothes line

  144. Where do I find the clothes that was shown on the Big Sexy Show ( Queen Latifah)

  145. Hi, I am 5’9 size 14-16 small on top medium bottom..I have a hard time finding thing to fit me. Lenght in arms and leg any suggestions.

  146. KATHI MACDONALD said:

    Every Day, my perception of real life expands,due to

    Through Queen Latifa’s Show. Am so exhilarated to learn of who does
    Help her with all of the stunning & beautiful fashions that she so perfectly
    Wears with design and stunning class. How exciting to see on her show
    You , & hear your runway comments on your model’s was music toy ears.
    Thank You for your real eye to Fashion for All. I had wondered how to order
    What Queen wears

  147. Hi Timothy,
    I just saw you on the Queen Latifah show, 11/15/13 where u previewed ur site moderncurves.com.
    Can I just say, (in the words of my MIL): “Praise the Lord and all the ships at sea!!!”
    Thank u sooo much for writing tor his blog!
    I’m a 58 yr old woman who’s been searching for fashion help for my body type and age and I think I have found it!
    Bless u and thank God for someone whose brought some sanity into the fashion world!
    I look forward to reading more here and I have u bookmarked!!!!

  148. Tamar Jackson said:

    Just saw you on the Queen Latifah show and love your styles This is my first time doing something like this so forgive my writing. I’ve always been a curvy woman and it’s always been difficult for me to fine something I would be comfortable in I love your styles I will be keeping up with you.

  149. I wear a size 11 in shoes it is hard find heals that I can wear for all day comfort .i have three pairs of Calvin Klein pumps because they are not platform my daughter says they ‘re out of style are they out dated ?

  150. I love the styles Queen Latifah wears. Where did you get the gray draped dress she wore with the gray leggings and boots? I always thought the drape look would make me look wider. I wear a 16W.

  151. Mrs. Sharon said:

    Where can a everyday woman purchase your fashion. I love it. I am a working woman, is this affordable.

  152. Tim, what type of dress do you recommend for a 5’2″ curvy girl with a short torso? I love wearing dresses, but I can’t find a look that’s flattering for my figure.

  153. Pamela Marciunas said:

    I loved the styles you showed on Queen Latifah’s show today. They were beautiful. I will keep checking and follow your blogs.


  154. nicola engles said:

    I am a curvy women and i love yourr style, where can i the clothes in portland oregon! Help tired of lane bryant

  155. Tamiko Woods said:

    Love the winter white and tan. I’m a busty girl and I can’t match my clothes to look lyhat good and how do I camouflage my tummy

  156. Hey Tim; loved the Q Latifa fashion show on friday. As a husband of a Q sized woman I agree that women can still look full and fly at the same time. I dig dressing women and I do a great job dressing mine. Be it casual or the intimates I can do the damn thang. Its cool Bruh..
    Oh yeah colors are fun!!!

  157. Hello! I watched The Queen Latifah show today , I fell madly in love with the styles you showed with the models. Please tell me where evry piece is so I can buy. just fabulous.

  158. Loved you on Queen Latifah today. Thanks for helping out “us” with the curves! Is it actually appropriate for a woman like myself who is a size 18 and has big legs to wear skinny jeans? I love that look with heels.

  159. Linda McMullen said:

    Loved the black pants that were baggy just before the ankles……where can I find them??

  160. Loved the purple coat where can I purchase it?

  161. I love the clothes queen latifah show. How can I purchase those types of clothes. I am a odd shape woman. I feel like a ball on a stick. I’m a size 18 to 20. Please help me

  162. ravon hargrove said:

    I just love the fashion show that i just seen on the queen show. I really was to step my game in fashion and help

  163. Where can your clothes be purchased. I saw some pieces on the Queen Latifah show recently, I must say they are too sharpah/sharp and what price range are we looking at.

  164. Very classy for all shapes and sizes.

  165. Patricia Powell-Williams said:

    Saw you on the Queen Latifah Show today and was happy to see that you represented the plus size woman equally. I live in NYC, do you have any recommendations on where to find affordable, but chic plus size fashions here? Look forward to reading your blog.

  166. I loved every outfit on Queen latifah show thanks for your tips and talents

  167. The queen looks amazing, help Oprah please

  168. Barbara Ann Ebron said:

    Hello Mr. Snell,
    I saw you on Queen Latifah’s Show today.
    Thank you so much for the ideas. I’m a 64 years young woman.
    I bought myself some legging and a pair of knee high (new for me) boots.
    I wore them for the first time together today. I was a little intimidated but I got several compliments
    Then I came home and saw you on the show. I’m going add some color. Today I wore black boots and leggings with a black and white print top. Thank you so much
    I’m a size 18, full figured woman. My husband died suddenly in 2007. So I’m trying to feel better about myself. Thank you so so much. My first time writing to a celebrity a little nervous.

  169. Kimberly UpChurch said:

    Thank You so very much for all that you do for the plus size woman, I enjoyed watching Queen Latifah’s show seeing what You have dress her in that day.I just want to give kudos to you.;-)

  170. Love your site and clothes shown on today’s Queen Letifia show, where can we purchase?

  171. Yes Tim you did that on Queen Latifa to day. Do you have instagram? I loved every outfit. I have gained so much weight since I have had my daughter. The looks were amazing! Great work. Look forward to seeing more.

  172. wonderful!!!

  173. Amy Montano said:

    Loved your show on Queen Latifah. I am 4’9′, size 14-16, sort short, on self dialysis. I carry 2-3 liters of fluid in my belly 24 hours a day. I am going to be Mother of the Bride and can’t find anything to wear in my size or that doesn’t look like granny clothes. I need help. I also want to look nice at age 48 years old and don’t know what styles would look nice without looking pregnant. Please help 🙂

  174. Simone Moore said:

    Love your picks, just watched you on my girls show!!! Thanks for the ideas, I’m going to try but I’m not a big jewelry fan… do you think I can make it work with out it? Im working on that…hehehe

  175. Watched the 11/15/13 segment on Queen Latifah Show and loved it. Thank you so much for showing both looks. Its was amazing to see that as a curvey woman, that I too can wear the same looks.

  176. Debra Nuncio said:

    loved the segment on QL show on Nov.15th. My question is where can I find the purple coat as well as the black & white cape?

  177. Everlena Brown said:

    Just watched u on latifah I love the looks being im a curvy girl keep it up hope u will do that often

  178. can you please give me tips on how to dress my size 12/14 4’11 frame?

  179. Nancy Hanco said:

    Saw you on the queen show love the styles thanks for sharing

  180. I love the styles

  181. I am a stay at home mom I was recently diagnosed with MDS bone marrow cancer it is the same camcer Robon Roberts on GMA and I have went from size 22 to a size 8 and I won’t to dress better and not look like I am sick bit I don’t know what goes together and I am not sure how to accessorize
    Please help me!!!!!!!!

  182. Della Foster said:

    Hi Timothy, I am always WOWED when Queen Latifah walks out on stage. You do such an amazing job styling her. Please keep me informed on where these items can be purchased (on your blog), LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!

  183. Awesome

  184. I love the size 18 but how do I get them

  185. Loved your looks on the Queen Latifah show. Im short and curvy and clothes just don fit everywhere, I love color and glad you showed color for curvy women are ok. Joe Ann

  186. how can you dress whenever you are unable to afford to buy clothes at places like Nordstroms or stores like that. I’m more on a budget like Target or Walmart and those type of stores. Is hope lost or can you dress a full figured woman fashionably?

  187. Latonya Inyang aka "Toy". said:

    I have been enticed to fully embrace bold colors and big jewelry! Your models in the
    Queendom show today set this off for me.Thanks.

  188. Karyn Haskins said:

    Hi Timothy,
    I saw you on The Queen Latifa Show today. I loved the outfits you put together they were HOT! I really liked the black and white ones. Where can I purchase the capes and the gloves from?
    I love what you are doing, keep up the great work. You do an excellent job dressing Queen.

  189. Also where can I find those wraps at i love them and do they come in my size?

  190. I just learned of you on the Queens show today. I must saying behind that great women is a great designer. You keep her fresh and flashy while being a full figured women. People sleep on our big girls beauty. I don’t have the Queens money but is it possible to still be as flashy on a middle class or even lower budget pocket…..

  191. Katheryne Frank said:

    Loved the segment. Wish my daughters had seen it. They constantly encourage me to try it rather than simply say… It’s not me. At my age (way over 50) I struggle with wanting to look good and still not look like my 30something daughters. Loved the color, jewelry and the coats, thanks!

  192. Tim – one more thing, where did the lovely coats come from that the models modeled on the Queen Latifah Show. I LOVED THEM and NEED one bad. Again, Think of getting your on Clothing Line, I would be a customer!! 🙂

  193. Where can we find the list of beautiful clothing you showed on the queen latifah show which you showed all the looks? That winter white and black and white outfits blew me away.

  194. LaTaunia Kennedy said:

    I absolutely LOVE your fashion sense and passion. I am glad to see someone who truly knows how to convey style t a curvier woman without making us look like were in a potato sack. Thanks a million and keep up the good work.

  195. I have a major fashion crisis.. I am a some what curvy girl.. I am 5’8 and I am made up funny.. First and foremost I am two different sizes.. From the waist up I am one size.. From the waist down I am another size.. I had a broad back.. Finding a (just say 3x) blouse it does not fit true to size.. If I go up a size it swallow me up.. I was cursed with no behind.. I am flat as a pancake.. Can you help me and suggest what I can do.. Thank you..

  196. Vanessa McLaney said:

    I saw you on Queen Latifah’s show. I just watched to say thank you. My mother is a tall and curve women and always having a hard time with fashion and how clothes fit. I am super glad I tuned in today. Love your blog!

  197. OMG I loved every outfit you had on the Queen show. You are great. Where can I find an afordable style like those at. Please help me I am a size 12 but I can’t find great clothes like that.

  198. Loved the looks on the show today and I love Latifah’s styles. I am an 18-20 so I know how difficult it is to find stylish and affordable clothes fir the everyday woman. Keep up the good work!

  199. Wonderful information from you on the Queen Latifah Show… I loved it. I wish that you had a Curvy Clothing Line…that would be the TOP!!

  200. Veronica Rocha said:

    Just watched you on Queen Latifah. Loved you. I am a size 16 top & 10 bottom. My favorite was the black & white, now if I only had the money to do buy it*;0(

  201. melissa "Liss" said:

    I Luuuuuuuuv your fashion style…..curvy line is so sophisticated and chic….I’ve tried sum of your tips…..and I got Rave reviews….I feel so beautiful…..thank you….is there a magazine?

  202. Hello my name is Keisha I’m a mother of seven amazing beautiful children but that also requires alot of my time, but sometimes I want to get my sexy back I’m 4’9 182 short and thick can you please give me some tips on how to be a stylish mom of seven PLEASE!!! pics would be nice thanks in advance:)

  203. Charlyse Nelson said:

    Loving the information for us curvy women. Thank you.

  204. Loved you on the Queen Latifah show

  205. I love all of the clothes!

  206. Love this, just saw you on queen ‘s show will be following you on Facebook even us care y girl want to look great thank you

  207. Mrs. Tillman said:

    Where can I get those red strap shoes you had on the model in the green dress and blue coat on the show dated 11-15-2013

  208. Loved the styles. My question is do you have anything for a 57 year old on a Georgia state retiree budget?

  209. mo jenkins said:


  210. I love it finally .where are your fashions sold in what stores.

  211. I was just telling my sister – where in the world the Queen get her clothes from, they are so damn hot!! Then she intro you, it’s so great what you’re doing- I will be following you !
    Thank you!

  212. We are diverse in color and shapes! Why not celebrate it!

  213. Robin Dixon said:

    Love what I seen today on Queen Show

  214. Lisa Roloff said:

    Ok, I really love the idea of a blog just for our curvy selves, the one draw back is the economy well and truly sucks. I am about 5′ 10″ and about 425 which translates into something like a women’s size 32 – 34. I am also unemployed and in desperate need of a good interview outfit. I really couldn’t find anything off the rack for me worth spit. What I found and you might like to take a look at is wild ginger (http://www.epatterns.com/). I have to get a new printer first cause mine took an ill timed powder, but when I do, I will be purchasing several patterns from this site as I can just plug in my specific measurements and get a pattern specifically for me. I would dearly love to see more designers use this type of format and have it available for those of us who are not really main stream sizes and who can or know someone who has some garment construction skill.

  215. Betty McCall said:

    Hi Tim Just saw you on The Queen Latifah show. I have something for you. I never had a problem with putting a nice outfit together. My problem is shoes. The shoes that are stylish are stilts. I am a plus size woman and to wear shoes like that are unrealistic. Help!


  216. Joyce Brooks said:

    .Just saw you on Queen Latifa show. I love your style. I do dress like that. When you come to Philadelphia let me know so we can meet. We are the church ladies. Can you do some clothes for us to?..

  217. Joyce Costello said:

    Thank you, thank you!! We want to look fabulous but the marketplace is against us. Please add to your “to do” list the subject of shoes. Those of us who have problem feet and are no longer able to wear strappy high heels but still want to look stylish need an advocate. We don’t want to wear “earth shoes” with our new fabulous clothes!!

  218. Hi Tim. I loved the segment on the show today and I definitely will be a regular checking in on your blog. It’s nice to be able to get some good fashion tips for curvy women. However I loved the ensemble Queen Latifah has on yesterday. Will you please tell me where I can find that look?

  219. WOW! I’m impressed! Same looks for size 22 as the size 2! Models look HOT on Queen Latifah’s show!

  220. Loved the black peplum leather shirt Queen Laifah wore a couple of weeks ago. Was that your design? And were can I purchase one?

  221. Hi Tim! I saw you on Queen Latifiah today. I loved the looks. I have difficulty finding cute plus sized clothing because I am 5’8, with wide hips and more lift in the back. I’m wondering if those poncho type looks would be appropriate for women with more lift in the back such as “big, high bottoms” Any suggestions?

  222. denise askew said:

    Thank you so much for moderncurves.com, hearing you today on Queen Latifah’s show really inspired me!!

  223. RobbieJene said:

    Thanks for supporting Color for us >size16 ladies. Love your styles

  224. Your Beautiful close are awesome !

  225. Just watched you on Queen Latifah Show. It’s refreshing to see beautifully dressed ladies with nothing hanging out. Now I can try to coordinate! Thanks

  226. Jasmine Artis-Longhurst said:

    Just saw your segment on the Queen Latifah show. Loved it! I loved your beautiful picks. You sooo showed my style! I will definitely be following you. I will be sharing your Blog with other fabulous women of substance in Toronto.

  227. linda pringle said:

    Where can I buy the clothes you showed on Queen Latifah’s show?

  228. Loved your fashion on Queen Ls ship today! Im a former full figured model from the 80s. Wondering if anyone addresses the more mature type woman for modeling? Im still a fashionista woman and will always be “fresh to the death”…so i’ve been told. Love your style! If you ever need a still stunning curve mature model i would love to model your clothes that are simply smashing!

  229. Thank you for letting the world see curvey is sexy tooo!!!!! I love that black maxi dress Queen is wearing on the November 15th show(today) where can I get that!!!


    I love your style and how you dress the QUEEN! Keep up the great work!

  231. Thanks so much for the fashion help today on Queen Latifa’s show. So glad I found your website. I’m a much older woman whose body is no longer sleek but has curves that I sometimes wonder where they came from:) Regardless, the fashions that you showed today seem ageless. Thanks so much for sharing.

  232. I loved your presentation for modern curve woman. I need a dress sense. Im always tshirts nd jeans. Please help me. And is there a site to order thats not too expensive. Thanks in advace.

  233. Deela Williams said:

    One word to describe what you do.

  234. I am now tuned into the Queen Latifah Show!! Loving your expert advice!!

  235. Tinka burch said:

    Thanks … I watch queen everyday just to see what u styled her in…

  236. Your looks on The Queen Latifah show were great! I always have trouble finding clothes that look great and for well, I’m 5’1″ but very curvy, so what fits in one area won’t fit in others (like pants will fit my derriere but then will be too long for my short self), it’s quite the conundrum!

  237. karen taylor said:


  238. Just saw you on The Queen Latifah Show …the styles you put together were very hot. I could see how just wearing the right size for your body is what makes the difference. Good job.

  239. Kimberly Johnson said:

    CHEERS to you Mr. Tim… my brother from another mother. Finally, someone who gives a D–N about my curvy, bigger sisters. We want to look and feel good too!!!!! GOD bless you and the Queen for caring.

  240. Annette Hester said:

    Thank you for acknowledging all sizes of women.

  241. jessica Brown said:

    Loved your fashion sense on the Queen latifa show

  242. deleree small said:

    finetastic I just love the fashions for us bodacious framed ladies…

  243. Just saw you on the Queen Latifah show and you got me! Love your style. So refreshing…finally, great sensible style for plus size!

  244. Linda Curtis said:

    I have gained a lot of weight since I quit smoking. This plus size has not been my friend. Just don’t know what to do on the fashion side…

  245. Love the looks

  246. I appreciate that you help out women who are “fluffy & fine” (like myself) but I CAN NOT find any viable help for women that are…..5 foot, fourty, fluffy & fine!!! Can you help??????? I want to be stylish but in my own age range. It is soooooo hard to find clothes that are made for grown women with child size measurements!! That is why I HATE shopping in any place other than Home Depot!!

  247. Hi Tim, I just saw you on the Queen Latifah show. Who were the models? specifically the one who had on the orange coat with the blue top…She is STUNNING!!!!!!!

  248. Please tell me how/where I can get the maxi dress Queen Latifah had on today’s show.

    • Hello thanks for watching My segment, I appreciate it. The Dress is by Rachel Pally I bought it on Line at Neiman Marcus. Also she has a website check it out. TIM

  249. Jacquelyn Sealey said:

    I saw you today on the Queen Latifah show and I enjoyed and I enjoyed watching the models of different sizes .As a big and sexy woman dressing can be hard. Thank for the tips I look forward to adding some color and glamour to my closet. I Will not wear black this holiday!

  250. Daphanie Harkins said:

    Timothy, Thank you so much for putting clothing together for us full figured woman I really appreciate you. Now tell me how can I find the Queen Collection.

  251. Vannis Lopez said:

    Wonderful segment on the Queen Latifah show this morning. All of the pieces were Fabulous! I Can’t wait to see more. Queen looks good everyday. Where can I purchase the maxi dress that she’s wearing today? Thanks

  252. i like everything you style. i live in ny and i am intimidated to go to saks fifth ave for clothing. we have to find a marketplace for people to buy with a better vibe. i am going to buy because u have the touch but these stores are a pain. what we have to do for fashion you are great

    • Hi I’m not Tim but he answered your question up thread . He said he got that Rachel Pally dress at Neiman Marcus. I have a couple of those Rachel Pally Dresses I got mine from Bloomingdales. I forgot the exact cost but they run about 350.00. That same dress comes in shorter lengths and different prints & colors.

  253. Yes! Please give us more and websites to purchase the latest styles for the curvy women. Thank you, Tim Snell you rock!

  254. My mom is stuck on the color black I try to shows her differeny colors would be nice on her but she doesn’t want to listen

  255. Laurie Isabelle said:

    Finally someone who gets how to properly style full figured women!!!

  256. Keep shining!

  257. michelle campbell said:

    Hi Timothy I saw you on the Queen Latifa show and I was blown away with your curvy styles thank you for that , now I know what to wear and what not to wear .

  258. Shaunette Jewsbury said:

    Hi I love your style. I tune into the Queen Latifah show everyday for her outfits. I’ve bought some of her clothes from Hsn. Please work with her to design and bring her looks from the show to hsn so I can buy them.

  259. Wendy L. Thomas said:

    I was wondering who Queen Latifah’s stylist was and I just saw you featured on her show. She looks beautiful every single day. As a curvy girl myself, seeing some of the styles you put together was awesome. Thank you. I have some ideas that I can use in my personal style. Keep Queen looking fabulous and fierce!

  260. I see you in the queen show I appreciate you for that,I am a curvey woman

  261. Just saw you on the Queen Latifah show. I loved how you showed the same look on different size women and no one looked out of place. I love my Latina curves I’ve been blessed with and applaud you!!!!

  262. Jae Wilkins said:

    Where can I purchase the coats from today’s program?

  263. Love it!

  264. Check out ruby ribbon!!! Most amazing company that has the BEST Shapewear on the market.
    Making women beautiful inside and out!!!

  265. Hi I would love to work with you one just check my website please I love you design thanks Nene Adam

  266. Thank You,Thank You, Thank YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  267. We love you at FurInsider Timothy! Check out our tribute to your awesome styling genius here: http://www.furinsider.com/stylists-we-love-part-3/

  268. This site was.. how do I say it? Relevant!! Finally I’ve found something which helped me. Thank you! Clients can how to get more likes on facebook through dozens of inexpensive solutions.
    If you need to how to get facebook likes make sure you maintain your facebook accounts updated.

    • Thank you so much look forward to more post!!!!!

    • gloria banks said:

      Please help I need.
      This asap Christmas
      is coming.

    • In the instant you gave the website address, I jumped on. There is no such thing as an accident. Let’s do a NDA! Unemployed, I have nothing better to do than dream and wait for the Queen! I have a idea I would like to go into business with. If interested eMail me!

    • Sondra Thompson said:

      How much does the black dress maxi dress Queen Latifah worn on Nov 15th cost and where can I get it.

    • Hi There thank you for watching my segment. I bought it on Neiman Marcus.com, the dress is by Rachel Pally also she has a website

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